Easley: Delivering Hope

Easley Transportation likes to be a fun-loving and creative environment that provides an exciting place of work for our employees. Every year around the first week of May, we hold a company-wide Spirit Week! This year, one of our themes was to dress up as your favorite charity.

Easley Delivering Hope

When we asked our employees why they chose to represent certain charities during our Spirit Week, here’s what they said:

  • Hope International: “I support Hope International because I’m drawn to their mission, which is focused on helping the poor around the world through biblical-based training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.” – Kevin Wilkins
  • NICS – Network of International Christian Schools: “I support NICS because I love the organization’s impact on future global leaders via international education. I graduated from a NICS School, so I’ve personally witnessed the organization’s profound impact on students from around the world.” – Blake Weaver
  • Silver Silhouettes: “My daughter is on the Silver Silhouettes dance team. I love seeing her excel, and I admire the way this team has helped her develop not only as a dancer, but also as a person and teammate. Her involvement with Silver Silhouettes has helped teach her discipline. They are Regional Champions in Memphis, and they’re headed to the World Championship NexStar Competition in New York City! I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished.” – Jamika Grant
  • Susan G Koman, Breast Cancer Awareness: As a personal statement to back my reasons for my charity: #CancerSucks! I support several cancer researches and I chose today to represent Susan G Koman, Breast Cancer Awareness.” Dana has very personal connections to this cause. “My aunt is currently in remission with breast cancer. My long-time family friend gave birth to her baby girl and was told one of the hardest things a mother can hear. She couldn’t breast feed her baby girl because the doctors discovered she had breast cancer. She had to start treatment immediately. I support finding a cure and fighting to make sure everyone has a fighting chance.” – Dana Eddy
  • Enhancing Our Youth Our Future: “This is a community basketball team that allows kids from all over to show and learn their new talents and bring each of them together. This outlet also taught them the power of teamwork. Coach Robert Scales has transformed many of the kids lives, while teaching them the true value of life.” – Brandie Saulsberry


We are extremely proud of our team for caring about the development and well-being of others. At Easley, we strive to impact the world in a positive way, in everything that we do. In fact, one of our mottoes around the office is that “Easley Delivers Hope”. If you would like to learn more about these charities, click on the names provided at the beginning of each account. You can help us deliver hope too!

Memphis Crossdocking, Haircuts, and Cancer Donations

Last week we ran an internal sales contest. The idea was to generate more sales leads for services like Memphis crossdocking, national hotshots, cold chain solutions, etc. We wanted to come up with a fun way to build momentum around this challenge. One of our customer service/sales reps, Caleb, stepped-up in a big way. He agreed to shave his head if we collectively reached our weekly goal. The before and after pictures below tell the rest of the story!

There was another (and more important) reason why Caleb offered to shave his head. He had been growing his hair over the past year so that he could donate it to cancer patients. Caleb has been personally impacted by cancer, for his mother is in the midst of a cancer battle. This inspired Caleb to help. He stated, “There’s not much you can do for someone going through cancer. So, I figured that I could serve others this way.”

Reflecting on last week and Caleb’s actions helps put things in perspective. We are passionate about growing Easley. We love serving customers, and we hope to increase the amount of customers we serve. As important as that is to us, our people matter most. It’s why our mission statement starts by, “Easley Transportation creates transportation solutions by having the right people…”. It’s safe to say that we have the right people who truly want to serve others.

Here’s to you and your new haircut, Caleb!

If you would like a quote for Memphis crossdocking, national hotshots, cold chain solutions, etc., please contact us at 901-362-5152 or via e-mail at sales@easleytrans.com

Memphis Logistics By Hand and Foot

As a part of our “We Ship It Wednesday” series, we want to share a crazy story of what we shipped recently. We say that we’ll provide some “outside of the box” shipping solutions. That’s not just talk. Here’s an example of a wacky and fun Memphis logistics solution that we recently provided a customer.

A member of our sales team received a call a couple weeks ago at 2pm on a weekday. The customer needed one box picked-up at a location an hour outside of Memphis and shipped overnight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The catch was that the box needed to be hand-carried by a courier. And, the courier needed to board a flight out of Memphis at 5pm that same evening. Think about that logistical challenge for just a minute. We had to pick-up the box, find a courier, get the box to the courier, and get the box and courier on a flight all within three hours. That’s a tight window!

Thank goodness for Zach. He is one of our team members that works in customer service. Zach was up for the challenge. He was also eager to visit Puerto Rico:) Zach helped us pull this off for the customer, and we made the delivery on time. The customer was very pleased with the solution and service we provided.Zach Hand Carry

If you’ve got a Memphis logistics challenge that you need some helping solving, please call us. It doesn’t matter how funky it might be. The chances are we can help you, or we’ll at least have an idea of where to point you if we can’t do it ourselves. Please contact us at sales@easleytrans.com, or you can call us at 901-362-5152.

We Ship It Wednesday

We get asked frequently, “What all do you ship?” In an effort to answer this question, we’ve started a campaign on social media called “We Ship It Wednesday.” So, each Wednesday we’ve begun sharing with the world the various types of freight that we ship. We’ll do it in the form of this blog post as well…because the world is asking. People need answers.

So what do we ship? The short answer is that we’ll ship just about anything on a pallet. The longer answer involves seeing it with your own eyes. Here are several examples:

Have you ever wondered how surgical supplies are shipped? Here’s a look at some of the pharmaceuticals that we handle. The freight is on pallets and it’s often temperature controlled.pharma

How about cold liquids? This is an example of canned liquids.beer

What about dangerous goods? How can toxic chemicals be shipped? These barrels are a great example.


Have you ever thought about the life of an empty keg? Probably not, but here’s a pic in case you have.


Is carpet shipped as one roll or several? The answer is yes. Here it is shipped as several rolls per pallet.

rugs on pallet

What happens to grain after it is processed at the mill? It’s often shipped in bags like this.grain

How is something shipped if it’s not on a pallet? These long crates are custom built for the freight inside. We can ship this too.crate

If you have a need to ship something across town or across the country, please give us a call at 901-362-5152, or you can e-mail us at sales@easleytrans.com.

Spreading Routes

We announced earlier this year about our expansion into Atlanta. Our new location there has been operating for over a month now. Our Atlanta team has hit the ground running!

Several folks have asked us questions like, “How’s Atlanta going?”, “What kind of operation is it?”, and “What services are you offering at this point?” As we’ve stated previously, our intention all along has been to open an office in Atlanta, which would primarily support our linehaul operations to/from Memphis. This is exactly what we’ve begun doing. We have already seen an improvement in our service levels and efficiency.

Our experience in the Atlanta market is quickly revealing many other opportunities. For instance, we can better support our existing customers that have regional offices in Atlanta. Also, through strategic partnerships, we have spread our linehaul routes across areas of TN, AL, GA, and FL. We can offer next day service to/from these markets into Atlanta. We can also offer two day service to/from these markets into Memphis. Lastly, our location in Atlanta offers warehouse space, which we have already started to fill with freight.

Although it’s always challenging and a little scary to expand into a new market, we believe we have a bright future in Atlanta. Someone once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” We’ve planted a new seed in Atlanta because we believe our roots/routes will grow.

If you have interest in our new location in Atlanta, please contact us at sales@easleytrans.com or by calling 901-362-5152.



Heavy Cross Dock: Outside the Box Solutions

A critical part of our mission as a company is to “create transportation solutions” for our customers. Not all solutions are the same. We often find ourselves thinking outside the box in order to offer the right solution. It’s second-nature to us, and this practice has generated some really cool opportunities. A prime example of this relates to heavy cross-dock (aka heavy trans-load) projects.

Let’s consider a real life example. We were recently asked if we could handle trans-loading several heavy bundles of steel from an ocean shipping container to a flatbed trailer. We were told by the customer that nearly every other transportation company they contacted declined the opportunity, because the weight of the steel bundles exceeded the standard lift capacity of most forklifts. The job seemed too complicated for these other companies.

Fortunately, we have the right resources in place to complete projects like this. It starts with our team. We have a team that has experience handling heavy freight. In fact, we love it! We can also easily mobilize the necessary equipment, such as a heavy forklift and the yard/dock space to get the job done.

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If you might need a solution for a heavy cross-dock/trans-load project, please contact our sales team at sales@easleytrans.com.

Warehouse Safety

The warehouse of a company that handles moving the freight that Easley does can come with some inherent dangers. We put safety at the top of our priority list and meet quarterly to discuss and reinforce basic safety principles. Some of the potential risks of working in a warehouse include product falling onto employees’ head, feet, arms or legs;   Lifting dock plates and constantly adjusting them; and forklift or pallet jacks rolling off the dock.

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(above) Bill Goad and the Easley team hold a safety meeting to stay diligent about accident prevention

Obviously these errors can be potentially devastating to an employee, the product, the company, and the customer, which is why we take our safety seriously. With several easy checks and reminders, nearly all accidents can be avoided. Some of the practices we promote include securing dock plates so they don’t roll over; Conducting daily inspections of loads and temporary storage arrangements; Never allowing a forklift or pallet jack to back to the edge of the dock; and keeping aisles clear so employees can move material without hitting equipment or personnel.

Call us now or click here for a quote and see how Easley can help you with their Memphis warehouse.