The Drivers

As a transportation and logistics company, there are many valuable pieces that must be in place before any business can be done. One piece of this (and arguably the most valuable) is the team of drivers hauling the freight.

  • What makes drivers so valuable?

These men and women provide an essential service to everybody in society by carrying goods, raw materials, etc. to, from, and throughout a complex network of distribution centers.

They are also responsible for the safety inspection of potential mechanical issues with their rig.

Drivers are often the primary face-to-face interaction between a transportation company and the customer, meaning drivers contribute in the areas of sales and customer service as well. This is especially true here at Easley.

  • There are different kinds of drivers

A driver may be classified into a certain category depending on what freight or container he typically carries (i.e. Auto haulers, boat haulers, tanker drivers, etc.), but they are referred to and seen in the business world in just three types.

Company Drivers: These drivers are employees of a particular trucking company and drive trucks provided by their employer.

Owner-Operators: These drivers own the trucks they drive and can either lease their trucks by contract with a trucking company to haul freight for that company using their own trucks, or they haul loads for a number of companies and are self-employed independent contractors. There are also ones that lease a truck from a company and make payments on it to buy it in two to five years.

Independent Owner-Operators: These drivers who own their own authority to haul goods and often drive their own truck, possibly owning a small fleet anywhere from 1-10 trucks, maybe as few as only 2 or 3 trucks.


At Easley, we’re always looking to welcome another driver to our family. Click here to watch one of our drivers demonstrate what makes Easley great!


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