Memphis Crossdocking, Haircuts, and Cancer Donations

Last week we ran an internal sales contest. The idea was to generate more sales leads for services like Memphis crossdocking, national hotshots, cold chain solutions, etc. We wanted to come up with a fun way to build momentum around this challenge. One of our customer service/sales reps, Caleb, stepped-up in a big way. He agreed to shave his head if we collectively reached our weekly goal. The before and after pictures below tell the rest of the story!

There was another (and more important) reason why Caleb offered to shave his head. He had been growing his hair over the past year so that he could donate it to cancer patients. Caleb has been personally impacted by cancer, for his mother is in the midst of a cancer battle. This inspired Caleb to help. He stated, “There’s not much you can do for someone going through cancer. So, I figured that I could serve others this way.”

Reflecting on last week and Caleb’s actions helps put things in perspective. We are passionate about growing Easley. We love serving customers, and we hope to increase the amount of customers we serve. As important as that is to us, our people matter most. It’s why our mission statement starts by, “Easley Transportation creates transportation solutions by having the right people…”. It’s safe to say that we have the right people who truly want to serve others.

Here’s to you and your new haircut, Caleb!

If you would like a quote for Memphis crossdocking, national hotshots, cold chain solutions, etc., please contact us at 901-362-5152 or via e-mail at


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