Easley: Delivering Hope

Easley Transportation likes to be a fun-loving and creative environment that provides an exciting place of work for our employees. Every year around the first week of May, we hold a company-wide Spirit Week! This year, one of our themes was to dress up as your favorite charity.

Easley Delivering Hope

When we asked our employees why they chose to represent certain charities during our Spirit Week, here’s what they said:

  • Hope International: “I support Hope International because I’m drawn to their mission, which is focused on helping the poor around the world through biblical-based training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.” – Kevin Wilkins
  • NICS – Network of International Christian Schools: “I support NICS because I love the organization’s impact on future global leaders via international education. I graduated from a NICS School, so I’ve personally witnessed the organization’s profound impact on students from around the world.” – Blake Weaver
  • Silver Silhouettes: “My daughter is on the Silver Silhouettes dance team. I love seeing her excel, and I admire the way this team has helped her develop not only as a dancer, but also as a person and teammate. Her involvement with Silver Silhouettes has helped teach her discipline. They are Regional Champions in Memphis, and they’re headed to the World Championship NexStar Competition in New York City! I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished.” – Jamika Grant
  • Susan G Koman, Breast Cancer Awareness: As a personal statement to back my reasons for my charity: #CancerSucks! I support several cancer researches and I chose today to represent Susan G Koman, Breast Cancer Awareness.” Dana has very personal connections to this cause. “My aunt is currently in remission with breast cancer. My long-time family friend gave birth to her baby girl and was told one of the hardest things a mother can hear. She couldn’t breast feed her baby girl because the doctors discovered she had breast cancer. She had to start treatment immediately. I support finding a cure and fighting to make sure everyone has a fighting chance.” – Dana Eddy
  • Enhancing Our Youth Our Future: “This is a community basketball team that allows kids from all over to show and learn their new talents and bring each of them together. This outlet also taught them the power of teamwork. Coach Robert Scales has transformed many of the kids lives, while teaching them the true value of life.” – Brandie Saulsberry


We are extremely proud of our team for caring about the development and well-being of others. At Easley, we strive to impact the world in a positive way, in everything that we do. In fact, one of our mottoes around the office is that “Easley Delivers Hope”. If you would like to learn more about these charities, click on the names provided at the beginning of each account. You can help us deliver hope too!


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